• FC:Rec2 Challenges #10 (06/23/13)

    Sorry for the last minute and the recycled challenges, but here they are for this week. If you have any questions or comments please post them here.

    1. Extraction Expert (1500 vCash)
    2. Kingslayer (1000 vCash)
    3. Mano a Mano (750 vCash)
    4. Baller (750 vCash)
    5. The JigSAW (500 vCash)

    Schism (6v6 Sym)
    Monolith (4v4 Sym)

    Battle Night Challenges:
    1. Extraction Expert - Earn 1 Expert Extraction medal (extract 3 beacons without dying) in a game of Extraction. (1500 vCash)
    2. Kingslayer - Earn an Execution medal (assassinate the king) in an Executive game. (1000 vCash)
    3. Mano a Mano - Earn 3 Flag Joust medals in single Liberation game. (750 vCash)
    4. Baller - Earn a Smooth Moves medal (get 3 kills with the Oddball in a single life) in an Asset game. (750 vCash)
    5. The JigSAW - Get 10 kills with the SAW in a single game. (500 vCash)

    If you complete a Battle Night Challenge this week, don't forget to submit them here.
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