• FC:Rec2 Challenges #11 (06/29/13)

    Sorry for the last minute again. I delayed because I was hoping that I wouldn't have to come up with all the challenges on my lonesome, but alas... Anyway, here are the challenges for this week:

    1. Michael Phelps
    2. Jack of All Trades
    3. Smack Down
    4. Samuel L. JACKson
    5. Off the Rails

    Strongside (6v6 Sym)
    Construct (4v4 Asym)

    Battle Night Challenges:
    1. Michael Phelps - Earn at least 70 Medals in a single match. (1500 vCash)
    2. Jack of All Trades - Get at least one kill with every power weapon on Strongside (Sniper/Rocket/Railgun/SAW/Sticky Det). (1000 vCash)
    3. Smack Down - Earn an Airsassination medal. (750 vCash)
    4. Samuel L. JACKson - Earn a Skyjack medal on Strongside. (750 vCash)
    5. Off the Rails - Get 10 kills with the Railgun in a single game. (500 vCash)

    If you complete a Battle Night Challenge this week, don't forget to submit them here.
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