• FC:Rec2 Challenges #12 (07/07/13)

    Sorry for the delay, yet again. The BNCD is going to be getting its shit together from now on though, so bear with us.

    1. The Champion
    2. Sharpshooter
    3. Watch Yo Back
    4. Liberalis Circulum
    5. Demo Man

    Landfall (4v4 Asym)
    Lotus (4v4 Sym)

    Battle Night Challenges:
    1. The Champion - Earn the Flag Champion medal (Score the flag 3 times) in Liberation. (1500 vCash)
    2. Sharpshooter - Get 15 Sniper Kills with at least 3 Snapshots. (1250 vCash)
    3. Watch Yo Back - Earn a Flagsassination/Execution medal. (1000 vCash)
    4. Liberalis Circulum - Earn at least 3 Assassination medals in any game mode. (1000 vCash)
    5. Demo Man - Earn at least 5 kills with the Rocket Launcher in a single game. (500 vCash)

    If you complete a Battle Night Challenge this week, don't forget to submit them here.
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