• FC:Rec3 - The War Begins

    In the struggle between the Empire and Brotherhood, opposing forces have met on many worlds throughout the galaxy, neither Faction able to establish a lasting advantage over the other. Come August 18th the 3rd war of the Forerunner Conflict Reclamation will begin. Who shall prevail? The Brotherhood, or The Empire?

    I admit this was a bit rushed as I didn't want to put it off too long and have it out the night before the war starts. I figured you recruiters out there could possibly use this in your endeavours to get some last minute soldiers. I've had this idea of doing an epic teaser for a war for a while now, but only just found the free time to record something and compile it. I'd like to get some body actors for the next one, but assembling 16 people at one time and then having them do certain things is a pain in the ass.

    Well... hope you enjoy

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