• Rec3 Website Skins

    Just in time for the next war to start, we've got some more skins for the website that you guys can gape in awe at while waiting for battles to start.

    First, we've got a newly designed mobile skin for you guys. It should automatically be set when going to our website on your mobile device. Here's a few screenshots of it in action:

    The center image is of the Gridmenu, which is a special page for the mobile skin to make it easier to navigate. The grid-like icon in the upper right of the site leads to it, and there's also a link at the very bottom of the pages.

    Next, we've got another design by MedeDust, and he included some animated ships flying in the background at the top. (keep in mind that the animated gif increases the loading times of the skins, so if you have a slow internet connection or an old PC, think twice before using it).

    It comes in 4 flavors. Standard, Fluid, REDD, and BLUE. Take your pick:

    Remember, you can always change between our skins via the dropdown menu at the very bottom left of any page.

    Hope you guys enjoy them!
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