• The Official FC Podcast: Episode 15 (The GunnyCast)

    Well guys, Season 2 starts, Peacetime ends, and this episode gets its own dedication.

    In Loving Memory of
    March 2013 - August 2013

    And your Links:




    As you'll learn from listening to this week's podcast, I need a new co-host. Requirements are as follows:
    • Have access to Skype, as well as the free time to plan and record.
    • Have a working knowledge of the video game world, FC and of awesomeness in general (this will be needed for both the FC Podcast and the soon to be FC NewsCast)
    • Plans on remaining in FC for quite some time.
    • Have amazing chemistry with yours truly. THis last one is hands down the most important next to having Skype.
    • Having decent recording equipment is a plus.

    Applications are to be PMd to me using the following format:
    Current Army:
    Do you have Skype and recording equipment?
    Do you have any Podcast relevant experience?
    If yes, please explain.
    Are you available for both the Podcast and the new FC NewsCast?
    What days and times are you available for recording?
    Can you deal with my shenanigans?
    So yeah. With that guys, I leave you with hopes of you staying classy.

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