• Fancy Merry Christmas Announcement

    & other various holidays. Also, Happy New Year!

    [9:16:42 PM] SpartanBH: Anyone making a fancy Merry Christmas announcement for tomorrow?
    [9:17:01 PM] Anarchyz11: No
    [9:17:21 PM] SpartanBH: >.>
    [9:17:52 PM] Anarchyz11: Maybe you should, forerunner
    [9:18:02 PM] SpartanBH: oh right, because that would totally not be ironic
    [9:18:24 PM] Anarchyz11: OMGLOLIDIDNTTHINKTHAT
    [9:18:27 PM] Mythonian: lol
    [9:18:40 PM] SpartanBH: (emo)
    [9:19:26 PM] SpartanBH: that should probably just be the announcement right there...the conversation that just happened
    [9:19:58 PM] Mythonian: consider it done.
    [9:20:06 PM] SpartanBH: XD

    [9:49:21 PM] Kevin "Guzzie" Guzman: lame
    [9:49:32 PM] Kevin "Guzzie" Guzman: myth, take care of it
    [9:49:56 PM] Kevin "Guzzie" Guzman: put my name in there
    [9:50:03 PM] Kevin "Guzzie" Guzman: i love you long time
    [9:50:25 PM] Juggernaut9473: desperate much?
    [9:50:34 PM] Kevin "Guzzie" Guzman: very
    [9:50:39 PM] Juggernaut9473: lol
    [9:50:43 PM] Kevin "Guzzie" Guzman: hehe
    [9:51:07 PM] Kevin "Guzzie" Guzman: merry xmas
    [9:51:19 PM] Juggernaut9473: i can just threaten myth's base on my server :P
    [9:51:45 PM] Kevin "Guzzie" Guzman: what does that mean
    [9:52:13 PM] Mythonian: It means Juggs is jelly.
    [9:52:18 PM] Juggernaut9473: if he likes is base on my minecraft server and wants it to stay as is :P would be a shame if he were pranked :P
    [9:52:41 PM] Mythonian: *has a doublechest of Obsidian ready to be used for retaliation.
    [9:52:59 PM] Juggernaut9473: *goes into creative
    [9:53:05 PM] Juggernaut9473: i dont think you want to play this :P
    [9:53:06 PM] Mythonian: *calls shenanigans.
    [9:53:12 PM] Juggernaut9473: lol *exits leauge of legends and gets on minecraft
    [9:54:17 PM] Mythonian: *fills Juggernaut's base with TNT.
    [9:54:18 PM] Kevin "Guzzie" Guzman: juggs
    [9:54:22 PM] Kevin "Guzzie" Guzman: why so jelly bro
    [9:54:39 PM] Juggernaut9473: I dont need you to blow up my base xD ill do it myself
    [9:54:45 PM] Mythonian: lol
    [10:03:41 PM] Juggernaut9473: left something for ya in your storage room
    [10:03:55 PM] Mythonian: xD
    [10:04:39 PM] Juggernaut9473: its an xmas present...you really think im dumb enough do prank the person who has more time on the server than me O_o
    [10:04:55 PM] Mythonian: At least you know your place.
    [10:04:59 PM] Mythonian: lol
    [10:05:16 PM] Juggernaut9473: ./ban
    [10:05:43 PM] Mythonian: ./boycott
    [10:06:02 PM] Juggernaut9473: ./STFU
    [10:06:05 PM] Kevin "Guzzie" Guzman: ./lame
    [10:06:12 PM] Juggernaut9473: quiet you
    [10:06:16 PM] Mythonian: ./definitely going into the announcement
    [10:06:22 PM] Juggernaut9473: xD
    [10:06:25 PM] Kevin "Guzzie" Guzman: ./settleDown
    [10:06:37 PM] Juggernaut9473: ./RIOT

    Legit announcements coming in the next week.
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