• FC:Rec5.10 Attack Plans (08/24/14)

    BLUE Attacks Panic Attack (6v6 Sym)
    REDD Attacks Haven (4v4 Sym)

    Props to Kaz for using an Orbital Defense Network in the way that I envisioned it. No reason to try to defend against ~40 brigades that will be split between offense and defense, just ODN it and Primary Attack.

    The only Auxiliary Attack this week is on Sanctuary. 30 BLUE Brigades vs 15 REDD Brigades with Entrenchment. The battle could easily go either way as RNGesus decides, as BLUE only has a 50% kill rate.

    Click Here For Full Details.

    (Click for big)

    The Battle will begin on Sunday, August 24th, 2014, at 6:00 PM EST. Be there.

    Maps will be uploaded to either Anarchyz11's or Mythonian's fileshare over the next few days.
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