• FC update 9.15

    FC Update 9.15 (Mini-Update)

    One Small Step for FC, One Smaller Step for Halo Fans

    Beta War

    This is a mini-update for you Forerunner Conflicters (is that a thing?) who are wondering how the hell FC and our planned beta war fit into all of this server madness.

    In a battle of coin flips, robotic sexual innuendos, and incredible physiques, Mythonian and I have reorganized the beta war in a way that works around MCC's issues in a way that both eases us into the war, while trying to avoid other such... things. Here's how the beta war looks about now:

    • Nov. 23rd: Halo 2 Anniversary (1 Map Pre-Beta War)
    • Nov. 30th: Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary
    • Dec. 7th: Halo 2 Classic
    • Dec. 14th: Halo 2 Anniversary
    • Dec. 21st: One map from Halo 3, One map from Halo 4. Halo 4 map may be replaced if we need to test something in another game.

    The first Battle Night of the beta war will be Sunday, November 23rd, at 8PM EST and will consist of one map.

    8PM EST, why? One map, why?

    As for the time, it's because 343, in partnership with ESL, is hosting weekly "cups", which are essentially online tournaments you and a potential team of 4 can compete in, just like the pros, for points towards the overall "Champions League". Yeah, yeah, whatever, right? Either you already knew that, or you don't give a damn.

    Well they chose a weekly day for this... That weekly day happens to be Sunday.
    Oh yeah. Ouch.

    Thankfully the "cup" starts at 2PM EST. Unfortunately it's first date is November 23rd, the first day of our beta war. So to avoid possible time conflict and to measure how long these things will take, we're cutting the first battle night in half and making it later, and one map. This also gives us ample time to ease ourselves into the groove of things. Like a perfectly made appetizer to prepare you for the meal that awaits. We can iron out wrinkles and get a feel for running Battle Nights when the stakes aren't so high. If the ESL/HCL "cup" goes past 6PM EST... Well... You can guess, but we'll cross that bridge later if we have to.

    So when deciding what map to play next Sunday, Mythonian and I decided to flip a coin. Heads, Lockdown. Tails, Stonetown (Zanzibar). The results can be seen below:

    ...Yeah we didn't know what that meant either. So we flipped again, this time with 'MURICA MONEY:

    EDIT: TO CLARIFY. The time change is just us only playing the 2nd map of a normal battle night to ease into things. We are in no way changing the map count or time of normal battle nights, and the following Sunday battles will be their same normal time assuming things don't interfere.

    We'll be playing Lockdown. Keep in touch with your army leadership to prepare, and lets do this war right. We'll be making gametypes that are fairly vanilla, with BR starts and the standard 15 minute time limit. We'll be testing these gametypes, so don't expect gametype choice regardless of army. For future maps, Mythonian and I will be picking maps out of a hat each picking one map per week with our army.

    Shiny Poll You Got Der...

    If you look above, you can see a poll we'd love you to vote in to help decide where we take the WARMAP for the first war. Though it's a bit away, we want to get opinion early to plan. Currently our options for making the WARMAP and the maps that go on it are:

    -Include every map on the WARMAP on all 5 games (WARMAP stays about the same size)
    -Remove some unpopular maps from the WARMAP and replace them with H2A forged maps (WARMAP stays same size)
    -Include every map on the WARMAP on all 5 games THEN add H2A forged maps on top of that. (Bit larger WARMAP, not as large as you'd think)

    That being said, we love using community made forge maps. If we decide to use forged maps this first war, feel free to build and submit maps to us. Though we love taking FC made maps, we do only put the best maps on the WARMAP we can, so make sure it's polished!

    Our Name Is...

    To keep it short, Forerunner Conflict: Legends has won the vote for our new name. Expect website graphic swag to go along with it. This will be our subtitle for the remainder of the MCC wars.

    As always, any issues or questions, contact myself, Mythonian, or the War Council member of your choice.
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