• FC Update 9.2

    FC Update 9.2

    Democracy! Democracy everywhere!

    Beta War Week 1 Time & Mapping

    After some discussion and an eventual vote, we at War Council have opted to change the time of the first week of the beta war to 6PM EST on Sunday as with normal battle nights. Please note that this may cause problems running into the 343/ESL cup, that will be hosted by ESL and sanctioned by 343i starting at 2PM EST. Chances are that there will not be a time conflict, but be prepared for that possibility if you plan to attend the "cup" or have squadmates that do.

    Also, please note that we make decisions, such as the previous time, with all of your best interests at heart. And we are not opposed to changing things to something we didn't decide if need be. In the future, please voice your opinions in a respectful mannerism and refrain from seeing an explanation of our decision, no matter how firm, as an attack on those who go against the decision. We are here for you, to run OUR community (all of ours, not just War Council's), together. Voicing your opinion professionally, as many of you did, gets across to us much better than does questioning intentions, making demands, and otherwise isolating yourself from leadership, again as many have done in the past. As the great Jackie Moon once said: "ELE, Everybody love Everybody".

    In terms of maps played for this Sunday, Mythonian and I are sticking with the expectation that we will be playing one map "Lockdown", 4v4s. However, if battles go well enough, we will continue through to an undetermined 2nd map for a full battle night.

    As with many game betas, this Sunday will very much be a test and practice for the first war. Given MCC's.... current state, do not expect games to be fast, perfect, or honestly run well at all. In short, we're going to be doing our VERY best, but keep your expectations low going in, this may be a rough one with MCC's party system. Squad leaders will be taking a bigger role in setting up games as well, which may have a few hiccups. We will make sure to keep you all updated throughout the battle night so you know what's going on.

    I don't mean to take it to such a depressing level. We will be working our asses off to make the wars work and keep FC going with fun events, regardless of what 343 gives us. Once the beta war kicks off, we'll be kicking it into high gear, and bringing you the events you crave. We want the battle night experience to be the best it can possibly be. So lets get to it, and make the best out of what we've got.

    Secondary Weapon and Gametypes for Sunday

    I started writing this update prepared to tell you all that suppressed SMGs won the poll for Secondary Weapon in our H2A gametypes (found here), but when I went to look, the regular SMG doubled in votes. So if you have not yet voted in that poll, do so. The winning gun at noon tomorrow (Saturday) will win, and will be our starting secondary for H2A gametypes. As with everything in the beta war, we can always change it, but for now it will be our starting point.

    EDIT: The suppressed SMG has been victorious! Enjoy your 2 second kill times, masochists.

    The gametypes for H2A are up on "Mythonian"'s file share. They will be what we will be using for Sunday, however they currently contain suppressed SMGs as secondaries and as we know that may change. But besides that, they are up to date and ready to go. For the beta war, and most likely much of the 1st war, we will be using default maps when possible. So expect to use the regular H2A "Lockdown" for Sunday.

    Since we will need gametypes for 5 different games, we're trying to limit the extremity of gametypes we have. We will most likely not use "Heavy" specific gametypes anymore to cut that count down, and may remove less popular gametypes like "Ricochet" from the lineup. We will also be making gametypes for each individual game as that game is played in the beta war, with each week being a different game.

    That other poll...

    Incase you forgot, we ran another poll in the last update asking you guys if you wanted forge maps in the WARMAP for the first war or not, and if you wanted every map in MCC included in the WARMAP. The beta war does not have a WARMAP, and we're sure not to start the first war until January so this was to allow us to prepare gathering and testing forge maps as we did in Halo 4 before the first war.

    The winning selection was one that removed some less-popular default maps (looking at you, snowbound), and added in some H2A forge maps. Those of you in the forge department, our primary function is to test forge maps for the wars to put the best forward, and maybe make a few of our own. In about 2~ weeks, expect that to start back up again. Anyone interested in signing up can post HERE. If you have any forge maps you want tested and approved, feel free to post them HERE with a place for us to download them.

    Many of you have asked "But our past WARMAPs have had only 30 maps. How can you have 100 maps and claim the WARMAP will be the same size?". Well my friends, have you ever watched Doctor Who? Our WARMAP is like a tardis, bigger on the inside than it is on the outside. Well, sorta. We're using an idea ( (c)KazuhLLL Industries) that keeps our WARMAP basically the same as the one in Halo 4 (click for example), but with each planet being represented by not 1, but 3 maps. I wont get specific, but maps will be grouped by theme and placed on a planet. For example, Halo 3's Blackout, Halo 2's Lockout, and H2A's Lockdown would all be one planet. Sidewinder, Avalanche, and Meltdown could make up a snow themed planet. A "Trololol" planet is also in creation with Strongside, Tritan, and the new map "The Line".

    Peace and Love!

    And with that, we'll have an abrupt end to this update that was meant to be smaller than it is.

    Be there this Sunday. it may not be pretty, but we'll get to spend time together as a community and friends. Maybe we'll even get to watch Mythonian show an ounce of emotion. Shocking, eh?

    I say this at the end of every update I do, but we truly mean it: If you have any questions, concerns, suggestions, or just want to talk about something, feel free to contact myself, Mythonian, or any other War Council member you want to talk to. We want FC to be as kickass as you do, and we don't claim to have the answers to everything. We're all normal people, so always feel comfortable trying to communicate with us.

    Have a wonderful weekend, and prepare for REDD domination this Sunday!
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