• FC Update 9.4


    Mid-War Update

    We're 3 months into the war. We've been seeing MCC steadily improve, and a new update just launched!

    First of all, thanks for sticking with us so far. The war is nearing the final stretch, and it's about time for another update. So here it is.

    The War So Far

    This war began on January 25th, nearly 3 months ago. We've completed 11 battle nights so far, for a total of 178 games played. Here are a few more stats:

    • REDD has won 83 games.
    • BLUE has won 84 games.
    • 11 games have been ties.
    • Conflict: 40 games
    • Asset: 32 games
    • Occupation: 31 games
    • Liberation: 30 games
    • Hill 30: 21 games
    • Sabotage: 16 games
    • Extraction: 8 games

    Getting Feedback

    For those that have been with us for awhile, we periodically try to put together surveys and questionnaires to help us get feedback from members about how we've been doing and what we can improve on. Well, we decided now was a good time to do just that.

    Filling it out is totally optional, but it will help us figure out the best course of action for the future!

    The questionnaire is quite long, so make sure you can spare a few minutes before starting it. I tried to make it thorough, but it may be a bit too thorough. If you do complete the form, make a reply in this thread and you'll get a whopping 5,000 vCash as thanks. Maybe when Metkil fully implements the vBShop it'll be worth something.

    Weekly Events: Saturday at 8:00 PM EDT

    Got some spare time? Starting this Saturday we are going to be holding weekly gamenights on Halo: MCC. We'll be focusing on fun custom maps and minigames. Got a few neat maps you downloaded? Bring them and we'll play them and have some fun for a few hours. 8:00 PM EDT. Be there.

    FC is a community, not just your army, or your squad. Take a step out and have some fun with those from across the fence. They really aren't as evil as you think.


    Attendence is mandatory highly encouraged.

    8:00 PM EDT. Saturday.


    Moving on...

    You Get an Infraction, and You Get an Infraction!

    FC is a community, not just your army, or your squad. Some people decide to cause trouble and be outright disrespectful, and those people usually don't last very long. However, sly comments and passive-aggressive behavior are much more common, and frequently slip past without getting rebuked.

    We go through cycles of becoming very strict about enforcing rules, and then becoming more relaxed and letting stuff slide. Eventually we realize we're too lax, so we get serious and start being more strict again, and we're at that point again.

    The first infraction someone receives is considered a warning, as it doesn't cause any suspensions or bans. Repeat infractions, though, lead to getting suspended from battle nights and temporarily banned from the forums. Get too many infractions and you'll end up being permabanned. However, after 3 months of good behavior your old infractions will start to expire, so you're not on thin-ice forever. Click here for more details about infractions and punishments.

    We're going to be cracking down on passive-aggressiveness and sly comments, both on the forums and during battles. Got your clan tag set to something you shouldn't? You better change it before we see it. Think before you say something on Skype or post on the forums. Just because it didn't get you an infraction a few months ago doesn't mean it won't now.

    If you're uncertain about whether you should post something, ask your High Command or even your squad leader. They'll be able to advise you and help make sure you don't step over the line. Also, just to play it safe you should stand back from the line, as even stuff that's borderlined will likely be met with infractions now. You've been warned.

    We even setup a quota: minimum 1 infraction given per day. Don't let it be given to you.

    {We didn't actually set a quota}

    The Remainder of the War

    As I said at the start of the update, the war is nearing the final stretch. What do I mean by that? Well, wars usually progress in stages...

    1. Establishing position. Early in the war, the main focus is trying to secure a foothold in enemy territory and hold the foothold as the next stage happens.
    2. Meeting Capital Battle requirements. In order to attack a Capital, each army has to first secure enough gametypes wins, as follows:
    3. Reach the Capital. From the foothold you established earlier in the war, push forward and reach the enemy Capital.
    4. Attack the Capital. Declare victory over your foes by capturing their Capital Planet.

    At the moment, we're between stages 1 and 2. While neither side has established a secure foothold, both armies are at the verge of meeting their requirements. REDD needs 4 Conflict wins and 1 Hill 30 win, while BLUE needs 8 Hill 30 wins, 1 Liberation win, and 1 Sabotage/Extraction win.

    Once the armies satisfy the last few gametype wins, it'll be an all-out race to get to the enemy capital and secure the war. Good luck to everyone, and I hope you're looking forward to an epic Capital Battle!

    Quick Outlook to the Future

    The following is just to give you guys an idea of what's to come between now and Halo 5's release at the end of October. Keep in mind this is just my guesses and nothing is set in stone (except the Anniversary stuff).

    • This war will last about another month, ending in mid to late May.
    • FC's 9th Anniversary celebration will happen on June 14th.
    • We'll be starting a new war in July. Your feedback in the Questionnaire will have a major impact on how the war will end up, btw!
    • The next war will end in September or early October.
    • Halo 5 releases October 27th. The hype is real.

    Those are my predictions for the next 6 months. We'll check back later and see if I was right or wrong, but right now I'm feeling pretty confident.

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