• Webmaster Update 05/10/15

    Been a while since I've done one of these, so here we go. First off, I would like some feedback on some of the modules we use here at FCWars.net. Please let me know how how much you folks like and use the following modules.

    • CometChat, the chat system integrated with the website as seen in the bottom bar.
    • Tapatalk, the mobile app integrated with the website

    Any comments and suggestions towards those would be greatly appreciated. Also, any suggestions as what you think will better improve the website, let me know!

    Next up is the Global Moderator positions. Not too long ago I posted a thread here saying that I wanted some Global Moderators. I was looking for 1 Global Moderator, 2 BLUE Global Moderators, and 1 REDD Global Moderator. When I posted it, I honestly was not expecting many to apply. Then 17 of you applied. Thanks for making my decision making process hard. Though making the decision on who to select was difficult, I want to say that I am greatly appreciative seeing how many of you want to get involved. Sadly I can't select you all! PMs have been sent to those who have been selected. I will post a more formal update on this once the process of accepting the new GMs is complete.

    Last, but not least, is my projects update. Hang on folks, it's gonna get bumpy.

    Project Changes:

    [WIP -> Canceled]vCash Store

    • When I started this project I was excited for that I was going to be able to do. Sadly, the modification was just not powerful enough for what we wanted to implement. For the time being this project is canceled. I will continue to look into similar solutions in the mean time, so this may come back at a future time.

    [WIP -> Complete]Twitch.tv Integration

    • Myth did some fantastic work with this modification and it is now fully functional. There are a couple things we are looking into, but for the most part it is done. If you stream let us know so we can make sure you are on the list. For more information head on over to http://fcwars.net/forums/twitch.php or under the Quick Links on the navigation header.

    [Not Started -> WIP]Member Advertisements

    • I am still looking into an effective matter into how to do this, but I want to do it. It may require more work. Might need something like......

    New Projects

    [Not Started]Design Overhaul

    • With Halo 5 creeping up on us, I want to implement a fresh new design to the website. This is in the early stages of research so you won't see much of this until much later. Just wanted to let folks know that I am working on this.

    [WIP]Project NODE

    • This project is being made to better facilitate [CLASSIFIED] for [CLASSIFIED]. With the current system there is a lot leaning on individuals having to do [CLASSIFIED]. This new system will lower the amount of work on the individuals so they can better enjoy the wars. Hopefully it will help all members of FC understand what is going on within [CLASSIFIED]. Stay tuned for more.

    That about wraps it up for this update. I am currently going through all the website related response from the questionnaire and making some changes based on what I am reading. If you are yet to do the questionnaire, please head over to this link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/17dW...eZkOc/viewform

    It really helps us out in leadership and determines some the actions we take.

    Website Administrator

    P.S.: Only 4 of the 17 answered the cheese question right. Good thing it was wasn't the deciding factor!(this time)
    The answer was just Checkbox.
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