• FC:L2.06 Battle Results (08/16/15)

    15 games were played this week.
    4 REDD wins, 11 BLUE wins.

    BLUE Won Exile
    BLUE Won Skyline

    As always, remember to fill out the Battle Night Feedback survey.

    The battle for Skyline ended up lasting 3 full hours, so apologizes to anyone who was inconvenienced by that. That shouldn't be happening anymore. Below the battle results are details about the new 'Skirmishes' that we're adding to Battles. Scroll down, take a look, and give us some feedback!

    Click Here For Full Battle Results.

    The next Battle will begin on Sunday, August 23rd, 2015, at 6:00 PM EDT Be there!

    Battle Night Skirmishes

    Was debating whether to just append this here or make it a separate thread. Take a guess which option I went with.

    From the beginning of the war, people had questions about wtf the moons and stations on the Warmap represented. Why were they there? Why were they named after old, dead squads? It's from an idea that was brought up during the peacetime. We didn't implement this from the beginning because of other issues, but we didn't think it'd take this long to get going. Sorry for the delays, but hopefully you like it.

    In the above video, GuzzieStyle gives an explanation about moon and station excursions and what they are. We've decided to label these as "Skirmishes" and they will be supplementing battle nights. After you watch the video (or during it), please give us some feedback and suggestions in the following survey: http://goo.gl/forms/WEYOpUuznA

    The Attack Plans, which will be posted tonight or sometime tomorrow, will include a poll where you can vote for which gametype(s) you want used this weekend!
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