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    Members of Forerunner Conflict,

    Over the past weeks, various issues revolving Forerunner Conflict and it's Battle Nights have been getting worse and worse. Based off the events of the last two Battle Nights (8/16 and 8/23), WC had a meeting to discuss the issues and two drastic options came up. Although some wanted to move on the decisions right away, we decided to hold off on any decisions until we get more feedback from the community.

    So here we are asking for your feedback on the two drastic options.

    First, implementing a player draft. Solus has already made a thread pertaining to this, so please direct your feedback on this idea over to this thread: http://fcwars.net/forums/showthread.php?15472-Draft
    If you don't know what the concept of the draft is, the tl;dr of it is this:
    All members of the armies are put into a pool. The players are then split into an 'even' fashion (based on skill and numbers). This would only last for the duration of the current MCC war.

    Second, ending the war now. The basis of this is that we're mere weeks from Halo 5. We need time to prepare for Halo 5. Also, with other releases in the coming weeks (namely The Taken King for Destiny) and the low popularity of MCC in general, we can only expect numbers for Battle Nights to diminish as we get closer to Halo 5. Obviously, if we do this, the Player Draft will not be implemented. If we do this, we're going to focus on more fun community driven events (not just limited to MCC) as the other purpose of this would be to promote community development in the down time.

    So please, everyone, give us your feedback on this. War Council is going be meeting Tuesday/Wednesday (day undetermined right now) at 8pm EST. Spread this thread to everyone you know in FC.

    be brutally honest.

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