• FC Update 9.6

    Update 9.6

    What's that over the horizon?

    Conflict Subsides

    After a meeting tonight with the War Council, we have reached an agreement to end the current war. As such, there will be no battles this week or for duration we have until our first conflicts in Halo 5. We've come to this decision after noticing issues with the current war. You might be asking, "Well Metkil, now what then?" Well, I'm glad you asked!

    New Leadership

    After each war, a new Field Marshall is to be elected for the next war as per the FC Accords, Article II, Section 2.2-4.

    2.2 Field Marshals are elected by popular vote within their respective armies after every war ends, to be overseen by the incumbent Field Marshal and the War Directors.
    2.3 Any High Command member may announce his/her candidacy for Field Marshal, OR nominate an Officer with 6 months' experience in FC in his/her stead.
    2.4 After a popular vote is decided, the winning candidate is elected Field Marshal.
    Each Army will be responsible for it's own Field Marshall election, however War Council has setup a timeline so we can keep things moving forward in an efficient manner.

    Nominations for Field Marshall are due by September 2nd. From September 2nd until September 13th, the elections will be held in each army's own forum. On September 14th, the new Field Marshalls will be selected and put into place.

    With this timeline we feel it gives enough time for the community to select a Field Marshall they feel fit for the job and gives the new Field Marshalls, War Council, and each army's High Command to setup everything for the first war in Halo 5.

    Updating the Accords

    Go ahead, read the accords. Here's a link: http://fcwars.net/forums/forumdispla...nflict-Accords

    You'll notice it's not very up to date with Forerunner Conflict of current. The current War Council will be working on updating Articles I - IV and will be updated on/by August 30th.

    Article V or the Rules of Engagement take a lot longer to go over (more so with Myth's crazy plans) and as such will taken care after the new Field Marshalls have been selected to allow them to be in involved in the process.

    Squad Skirmishes

    In place of Battle Nights, I will be hosting Squad Skirmishes every Sunday starting at 7pm EST. Bring as many people as you want, there's no army representation during these. These will basically be Battle Nights, but without the pressure of an actual battle. It's going to be pretty free form.

    Website Updates

    My, oh my, I got some projects set up for the website. However, they are not major things this time around. I'll provide a more detailed post in the coming weeks as we continue to work. However, here is a small glimpse into what we are going to be working on.

    We will be working on giving the website an updated skin and user group images. We may consider a new style as well, but this is yet to be discussed. From there we will be working on improving performance and usage of our installed modifications and we might install a couple more as we go.

    And just in case you were curious, here is your FC Web Dev Team.
    • Metkil5685 - Website Owner/Dev Lead
    • Mythtonian - Website Administrator
    • Mededust - GFX Lead (Invite pending)
    • Guzziestyle - GFX Assist
    • KazuhLLL - GFX Assist

    Well that about sums it up for now. We can finally kiss MCC good bye. I would say I will miss it, but I won't. We hope to see you all in Halo 5. Stay tuned for over the next few weeks to learn what's changing.

    Website Administrator
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