• FC:Res1.01 Attack Plans (01/31/16)

    Skirmish : SWAT on Woodlands
    REDD Attacks Fathom (4v4 Sym)
    BLUE Attacks Regret (4v4 Sym)


    "Sir, we're receiving confirmed reports of slipspace activations! The 2nd Enforcers Division is no longer in orbit around region 'Contract!'"

    "Get their destination extrapolated, Warrant Officer! We need to know where they're headed!" After a brief hesitation, Field Marshal Tirgo, the commander of all Brotherhood forces in this sector of space, turned toward another operations officer nearby, "Lieutenant, is Bravo Group still on standby?"

    "Sir, Bravo Group is in orbit around region 'Truth' and ready to move to intercept," the Lieutenant responded.

    Field Marshal Tirgo nodded. He had received this command post merely a few months ago, and the first thing he did was rename this recently captured base from it's former Imperial-given name of 'Bloodline,' which he found way too suggestive, to it's new designation, 'Halvalla.' His predecessor has decimated Imperial forces in the region, forcing them into an early retreat and the base was captured without any resistance. Since it was still serviceable, it's now acting as the Brotherhood's command post. It also received a bit of landscaping, though, to suit his tastes.

    It wasn't all just frivolous things like renaming and landscaping, though, he's been redeploying troops throughout the entire sector. This isn't his first command role; Tirgo is a distinguished commander and has spent the last several years working behind the scenes of the Brotherhood, primarily ensuring logistics and communications remain fully functional. While it's been a number of years since he's last been in a direct command position, he wasn't about to let some Imperial scum put a stain on his flawless record.

    Now, after their previous disastrous defeat, the Empire has regrouped and is beginning their retaliation. Tirgo had ordered a small contingent of troops to probe their defenses, intending for them to cause a distraction as the Brotherhood's Spartan Alpha Group used their cover to launch a preemptive attack. However, the Empire reacted fast. Too fast. The troops haven't came out of slipspace yet. Was this just a coincidence?

    "Sir!" Another communications officer spoke up, his voice thick with urgency, "Enemy ships have just exited slipspace above 'Deadlock!' Our forces are outnumbered two-to-one!"

    Tirgo's pupils shrank slightly as he processed this information. While he always took his job seriously, he didn't expect the Empire to be able to dedicate many troops to this sector for at least the new year. "They must've been watching 'Deadlock,' preparing for this attack, so of course they noticed when Alpha Group left... Damn! Order any forces nearby to regroup and hold the line, reinforcements will be en route if they can hold out long enough. Anything on where their 2nd Division is headed?"

    "Receiving back now, sir..." The Warrant Officer nodded, pausing for a few seconds as he seems to be listening to something. After a moment, "Their target is 'Fathom' facility, sir!"

    "Will Bravo Group be able to intercept in time?" Field Marshal Tirgo quickly turns to the operations Lieutenant, who immediately responds in the affirmative.

    "Yes sir, though they'll only have a few hours of leeway. I'm relaying the information to them now."

    Tirgo relaxed slightly, hearing that their preparation the last few days had paid off. When they first realized the 2nd Enforcers Division was on 'Contract,' they had stationed Bravo Group nearby just for this purpose, and when the orders were given for Alpha Group to start their assault, Bravo Group was put on high alert and ordered to be ready to relocate at a moments notice.

    Judging from the situation so far, Imperial forces seem to be trying to pressure us from the flanks, attacking stations near the extremes of the sector, likely hoping we overreact on the defensive and let them buy time until they get more reinforcements. With the forces spread out like this, it's likely the center of the sector is all but abandoned. Thankfully, he already had a team scouting at just that region, so he should know for certain soon enough.

    His moment of being relaxed ended abruptly, however, as the same communications officer that announced the attack on 'Deadlock' spoke up once again, still with urgency, "Sir, the scouting forces on 'Waterworx' are pinned down by enemy fire and being surrounded! They walked into an ambush!"

    "What!? Their orders were to probe the defenses without fully engaging, and suddenly they're caught in an ambush now? Send in an extraction team immediately! It seems the Empire is dedicating more to this sector than expected. Send a message to Central Command about..." Without finishing his statement, his body tensed up and he suddenly turned toward another officer in the corner of the command center, "Major Mos, put together a task force and investigate any security or information leaks. I want this issue taken care of."

    It took a moment for Mos to respond, and when he did his voice had a hint of surprise within it, "Can I choose the members myself?" Field Marshal Tirgo simply nodded a single time, resulting in a faint smile breaking through the lips of Mos, who promptly turned and left the command center without another word.

    Turning back to focus on the situation, Tirgo spoke toward the operations officer, "What's the status of Alpha Group?"

    The operations officer responded after a brief pause to double-check, "They will exit slipspace above 'Regret' at 1700 hours and we can expect boots on the ground by 1800 hours, sir!"

    "After they secure the planet, have them prepare to continue the assault further into enemy territory. For the message to Central Command, inform them that whether we stand with an advantage or a disadvantage within this sector will be decided within the next few hours." As he started to turn and head out into the hall, some motion out of the corner of his eye caught his attention. Someone was working halfway inside of a tactical display table. Tirgo spoke up with a slightly irritated voice, "General! When's that upgraded display going to be ready!?"

    The body of the man working inside the table tensed up slightly and stopped moving. Then, after a few moments came a response, the voice dry and monotone, "Soon."

    Tirgo's eyebrow twitched at this, and his breathing paused for an instant. He muttered silently under his breath as he walked out of the command center, "I can already tell that I'm going to want to retire back to a nice desk job after we win this war..."


    First Lieutenant Nova stood before his elite strikeforce of Imperial Enforcers, preparing for a hazard drop. "This planet was glassed back during the Human-Covenant war, but it seems they missed a spot, and it's right where an old UNSC weapon stockpile stood. We've been noticing rebel activity in the area, and command assumes they've been extracting the supplies within. We're here to stop them and take what's left."

    A communications officer chimed in over the com-channel, "When we exited slipspace, their naval escort pulled back and is currently in a staring contest with us. We've intercepted a few transmissions which seem to refer to the location as 'Woodlands,' so expect a rural environment. There are rebel forces already on the ground, and the entire area is covered in an ion storm, so we don't know the full sitrep. It seems the ion storm is preventing them from communicating with their guys on the ground, which also means they don't know we're coming. Visibility is poor down there, but time is short."

    One of the Enforcers spoke up, "An ion storm? Won't that block our own communications as well? What about our suits?"

    Nova responded, "Local communications will be online, though we'll be cutoff from the ship. The suits are built to resist these types of things, but functionality will still be slightly limited. Expect shields and motion sensors to fail first."

    There was a brief silence as this soaked in. Eventually, the same Enforcer from before spoke up again, "So poor visibility, limited communications, malfunctioning shields and motion sensors, and assaulting a base full of weapons which the rebels are already occupying. I get everything?"

    "We also have the element of surprise, so it all checks out," Nova responded.



    • Skirmish begins at 5:30 PM EST.
    • 4v4 Symmetric map.
    • Uses default "SWAT" gametype.
    • "Woodlands" in my Bookmarks.
    • Reward: 1 OB Piece

    • Begin at 6:00 PM EST.
    • 4v4 Symmetric map.
    • BLUE has gametype choice.
    • Best of 15 games.
    • Res1 v1 Gametypes
    • Res1 Fathom v1 map variant

    • Begins about 7:30 PM EST.
    • 4v4 Symmetric map.
    • REDD has gametype choice.
    • Best of 15 games.
    • Res1 v1 Gametypes
    • Res1 Regret v1 map variant

    Assault on Deadlock Assault on Waterworx
    • REDD Offensive
    • Defenders: 2 Brigades
    • Attackers: 4 Brigades
    • No Defensive Cards
    • No Offensive Cards
    • Attackers have 82% LoV
    • BLUE Offensive
    • Defending force: 6 Brigades
    • Attacking force: 3 Brigades
    • No Defensive Cards
    • No Offensive Cards
    • Defenders have 100% LoV

    Give me some feedback on these attack plans. We'd like to make the lore a bit more ingrained into the war, battles, and skirmishes. Unfortunately I forgot to prepare something beforehand. I had originally intended to speak with the actual lore guys about this, but totally forgot to do that and realized when doing the APs that I needed lore. So, I basically decided to cut into my sleep in order to flesh out a few possibilities and put the above together. Hopefully it was worthwhile! If it's received well I can continue it in the future. If any lore guys are interested in helping out, message me.

    Gametypes and map variants should be on my fileshare by tomorrow night or Thursday morning. Res0 v3 gametypes are mostly identical to what the Res1 v1 gametypes will be, so feel free to use them to practice and such. Woodlands is already within my Bookmarks, but will likely be updated a bit before Sunday. (*Cough* Spotty *Cough*)

    The Battle will be on Sunday, January 31st, 2015, at 6:00 PM EST. Be there!
    (Skirmish begins at 5:30 PM EST! Show up a few minutes early and participate in that as well!)
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