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    This will make a bit more sense later in the update. I just needed it at the top so people would notice.

    Your New High Commands

    As you probably have noticed already, the Res2 FM elections have concluded with myself and AbnormallyLilith coming out on top. We would like to thank everyone who voted in the election, regardless if you voted for us or not. After all, there can't be a competition without competitors.

    With a bit of discussion, Lilith and I have both chosen our High Commands. Here are the people representing each army going into the second war of Halo 5.

    And no, that last rank isn't a mistake. More on that in a moment.


    Drafting the entire community has been a hot topic for as long as I have been in this community, and this war it's actually happening. We will be conducting a total player draft with every single active member. To do this, we'll be using this form to collect the basic info of every active member going into Res2. If you want to be a part of either army for the beginning of Res2 you will have to fill out that form. There are only 3 mandatory questions on there if you're in a real hurry, but we've added a few questions in there to see where the community stands on things from activity to which IM platform we want to use.

    This form will be live and open to submissions from now until 6PM EST on Saturday the 9th of July. On that day Lilith and I will come together and draft out every member who filled out the form into as even teams as possible. Do not miss the submission deadline. Anyone who doesn't fill out the form in time will not be placed in an army and will have to reenlist under the new enlistment process, detailed below.

    We know some of you aren't supportive of a draft like this, but you have to remember - this is a community. We're all friends and it's not like you're going to be forced away from your good friends because you got placed in a different squad or army. The colour of your armour only counts for 4 hours, one night per week. The rest of the time you can all do whatever you want with whoever you want. The High Commands are also going to be working hard this war to give you all community events where army doesn't matter. In events like those, you can feel free to join up with anyone. We're here to promote activity and cooperation in any way possible.

    Please don't hesitate to talk to either myself or Lilith about anything you read in this update. We can help clear up any confusions you might have about this.

    Playing for Both Armies?

    This section actually has two different sub-points to talk about within it. The first being how enlistment is going to work, and the second being how neutral War Council positions are going to play a part in the next war. Enlistment first.

    Under the current enlistment system, new recruits are free to pick an army and enlist straight into said army. This doesn't really work when you've just drafted the entirety of the community for a few reasons. The biggest and most obvious reason is that it basically ruins the point of the draft in the first place, not to mention it's super unfair to the people who just got switched around. Under the new enlistment system, there would be a single neutral enlistment thread for recruits and returning members to post in, after which they will be put through a mandatory boot camp, as always, to ensure they know the rules and basic procedures for how things are done around here. When all that is done, the current Field Marshals (in the case of this war, me and Lilith) will start the process of figuring out where the recruit belongs. This will take a variety of things into account, including the state of each army and individual player preference, with the final decision being approved by both FMs. During this process, the new recruit will be free to participate in Battle Nights as a universal substitute who can play for either team. It will be up to any War Council members present (namely the FMs and WDs) to ensure the universal subs are taken care of.

    New recruits won't be the only universal subs either. All neutral members of the War Council (War Directors, Precursors, and Forerunners) will also be able to sub for either army during the Battle Night. We hope this will create a bit of wiggle room to accommodate the fluctuation in army numbers from one BN to another.

    The Ranks, Mason. What do they Mean?

    Can you tell me the difference between a Master Sergeant and a First Sergeant? How about Lance Corporal and Corporal? What are Warrant Officers even used for? As it stands right now, there isn't really a definite answer for any of those questions. There are a lot of ranks that have near to no meaning other than the image below your username. Hell, half the ranks aren't even being used.

    That's why we in the War Council have decided to bring the number of ranks down dramatically in a hope to utilise all of them and to also give each rank a proper meaning. Here's how the ranks are going to look:

    --The High Command Ranks
    --Not much has changed here apart from the name switch and overall having one less member.

    --There are only three officer ranks now, each one having a high level of responsibility.
    --Major: Company Commander
    --Captain: Squad Commanding Officer
    --Lieutenant: Squad Executive Officer

    --These two enlisted ranks are used to indicate members with responsibility.
    --Gunnery Sergeants are the only enlisted able to run boot camps. This rank is reserved for senior enlisted members who don't have the prerequisites to become officers. (Aka they don't have their own squad.)
    --Staff Sergeants have some sort of responsibility within their army/squad, such as fireteam leader, and are in training to become future squad leaders.

    --The lower enlisted ranks. They do not have any responsibility attached to them.
    --All these ranks are attainable through just activity alone.
    --Sergeant: Remain active for two wars.
    --Corporal: Participate in ten battles.
    --Lance Corporal: Participate in four battles.
    --Private First Class: Participate in one battle.
    --Private: Successfully get placed in an army.

    Forging the Warmap

    For the next war we want as many community-made maps as possible so we can have some variety from the standard matchmaking rotation. That's where we need your help. If you have your own map or a map someone else made and you really want to see it in the next war, please submit it to the forge department Map Submission Subforum. I hope to see quite a few threads pop up in that subforum over the next week or so.

    The Forge Department will be testing all of these maps through Forge Nights. During these nights anyone from the community can play on and provide feedback for maps. This could be to determine their validity to be used on the warmap, or to give the maps some tweaks before the official Battle Nights. Forge Nights would be part of the neutral events thing I was talking about before so everyone is able to play with whatever teams they want. You may have also noticed that the draft form from before also had a question about whether or not you would be willing to go to an event like this. This question will be used to see how interested you guys are with this idea, and it's also going to be used to see how often we can do Forge Nights. The more support it gets, the more often we can do them. The goal is to ultimately integrate them as a weekly event.

    Behind the Scenes

    The War Council is also debating a few other things we're not entirely ready to reveal just yet. Hopefully an agreement is reached soon so we can show you the rest of our ideas for Res2. If all goes to plan, the draft form will close on the 9th, then we'll have a week after that to finalise the armies and warmap. With our current rate you can expect a mid to late July start for the war, although that is still up for change. I'll be back to write another one of these fancy updates next week (unless Myth decides he want to do it) after the draft is done and things have settled, so that's something to look forward to.

    And don't forget to fill out the draft form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1C3O...u3wVA/viewform

    I'll see you all on the battlefield!

    ~Legendary Nova, BLUE Field Marsharoo
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