• Res2 Peacetime Update #2

    FC:Res2 Peacetime Update #2

    Laying the New Foundations

    Rebuilding the Armies

    Ever vigilant FC members may have noticed that a lot of people's ranks have been changed. Some people may have been promoted or demoted, and some people have even switched armies. This is directly from the outcome of the draft that Lilith and I sat down on Saturday to sort out. Everyone who filled out the form has been placed in an army, and anyone who was previously in an army but did not fill out the form has been removed. Here's what the armies look like:

    BLUE High Command
    Field Marsharoo Legendary Nova
    General Raptor
    Lieutenant General Silko
    Universal Substitutes
    Founder Spartanbh
    Precursor Guzzie
    Precursor Maxdoggy
    War Director Mythonian
    Website Admin Metkil5685
    REDD High Command
    Field Mushroom AbnormallyLilith
    General Houdini
    Lieutenant General Purple Gamer 17
    BLUE Alpha Squad
    Captain PolychromeVirus
    Lieutenant DuskTillDawnNs
    Private First Class Seven
    Private First Class Barry Soap
    Private First Class fearfulpenguin
    Private First Class silversleek
    Private First Class Nicholas Sapien
    Private First Class Axel3122
    Private First Class L0rd Kanti
    Primus Squad
    Captain Solus Exsequor
    Lieutenant itzwdowiak
    Private First Class Exiled Arkangel
    Private First Class CAW0139
    Private First Class VerbotenDonkey
    Private First Class W3z4b1
    Private First Class Anarchy
    Private First Class Icextentialist
    Private First Class Dark Remalf
    BLUE Beta Squad
    Recruit Anton-044
    Recruit Jozy666
    Recruit Airman TulipT
    REDD Beta Squad
    Private First Class WolfPack23
    Recruit Skepticallity
    Recruit Malcolm Geffen

    It's extremely important you get to know your new team mates. This is especially true for you squad leaders. You guys are going to be the driving force for your new squads in this coming war so we really need you all to work hard with the people you've been placed with. Everyone in general, if you can get in touch with the other people in your squad and maybe play a few games of Halo over the next week or so, you'll be way ahead.

    If you don't see yourself on this list, you're no longer in an army and will have to reenlist through the new enlistment thread.

    Survey Stats

    Included in last week's draft form was an 'opinion section' for you guys to voice your thoughts on various things about FC. After all the responses were recorded, Google Forms was nice enough to give us some very informative-looking graphs. First up - availability at different times.

    These two graphs are actually pretty interesting. For both of them the least available day is Monday but from that day on the availability steadily increases until Saturday. On Sunday the availability goes slightly down again before crashing on the Monday again and starting over.

    Now for me this graph was the most surprising out of all the stuff we collected. An overwhelming number of you voted for Discord over Skype and, as such, we will be trialling Discord as our main method of communication for the whole Res2 war. You can find our official server here. Discord is free, runs very smoothly, and even works in your web browser if you're not feeling like downloading anything. We encourage everyone to join our server and at least try it out.

    That War Council Stuff I Mentioned

    There has been a lot of stuff debated in the War Council over the past few weeks. The stuff we got out of the way quickly made its way into last week's update, however, there were a few topics we just couldn't figure out in time. After giving everyone another week to talk about things, we've managed to reach a decision on two things in particular - Precursors and Respected Members.

    There are three things to do with being a Precursor as explained in the Accords. Firstly, becoming a Precursor is a high honour for veterans who are well known for their leadership and great contributions to the community. Secondly, Precursors are only selected by a unanimous vote of all current Precursors. Thirdly, Precursors are members of the War Council. These points combined make for a few issues with the system. For one, Precursors get access to the War Council without the War Council actually having a say in the matter, and technically you can't become a Precursor because you need a unanimous vote of all current Precursors, of which most aren't even active anymore to vote on said matter. That's why, with the help of Maxdoggy and Guzzie, we're taking the opportunity to fix the Precursor system while we're changing everything else at the same time. With the new way of handling things, the Precursor rank is seen as an active rank (you have to be active to have it), which means all inactive Precursors have been removed from the rank and returned to Respected Member. New Precursors will now be voted in through a joint agreement of the current Precursors and War Council. Precursors will still be War Council members. (As a sort of related side note: The Forerunner rank is being retired. Spartanbh has been moved to the 'Founder' rank instead, which doesn't mean much other than the fact that Spartan's FC username now looks way cooler.)

    As for the Respected Members, the only real issue is that there isn't any official definition for what you need to do to qualify for 'Respected'. Well, there wasn't a definition anyway. From this point on, in order for members to be granted the 'Respected' usergroup there are a few things they have to have done:

    • Have been an active member of FC for at least 2 years.
    • Have served at least one full war in the War Council
    • Have a low number of total infractions and be on a good standing with the community.

    That last point is a bit more subjective and is up for interpretation by the War Council at the time, but there are your basic guidelines for getting into green army.

    Testing, Then Forging, Then Testing Some More

    We want this war to go as smoothly and be as enjoyable as physically possible. That includes having a nice warmap with lots of awesome forge creations so you have something pretty to look at in between shooting the people on the other team. Lilith and I went around to a few forge related sites and youtube channels recently and picked a good selection of maps that could potentially make it into the warmap. You can find that list here. Now all we need to do is stress test the everliving crap out of all of them to make sure only the best maps get the Forge Department stamp of approval. For this entire week until Saturday, the Forge Department will be hosting forge nights on all the possible maps for next war starting nightly at 7pm EST. We need a decent number of you guys to show up to be able to effectively test these maps out, not to mention this is a great opportunity for you to provide your input on the maps you'll be playing on next war. So if you're able to, please spare some time to help us make this war's warmap awesome. I'll end this section with a screenshot from what could potentially be my favourite forge map to date.

    (Click to See Full Size)

    Doesn't that look awesome!

    I think that's all I have to say this update. Quick recap: Armies, enlist if you're not in one. We're using Discord now. Forge night every day 7pm until Saturday. Yeah pretty sure that's it.

    Until next time,

    ~Legendary Nova, BLUE Field Marsharoo
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