• FC:Res2.04 Attack Plans (08/13/16)

    Skirmish : Red Rover on Red Rover
    REDD Attacks Installation 05 (6v6 Sym)
    BLUE Attacks Tranquility (6v6 Sym)

    Red Rover

    • Skirmish begins at 5:30 PM EST.
    • 6v6 Asymmetric map.
    • "Red Rover" gametype
    • "Red Rover" map variant.
    • Video. Map. Gametype.
    • Reward: 1 Minefield piece
    Installation 05

    • Begin at 6:00 PM EST
    • 6v6 Symmetric map
    • BLUE has gametype choice
    • Best of 5 games
    • "Res2" Gametypes
    • "Res2 Installation 05" map variant

    • Begins about 7:30 PM EST
    • 6v6 Symmetric map
    • REDD has gametype choice
    • Best of 5 games
    • "Res2" Gametypes
    • "Res2 Tranquility" map variant

    It's a day full of 6v6s. The Skirmish is 6v6 and both maps are also 6v6s. We're playing Tranquility again for the 2nd time this war, as well as Installation 05 which is a great looking map as well.

    Reminder to watch the video for Red Rover to ensure everyone understands how the game works! Let's just hope both sides can get enough people on early to field a full group for the skirmish.

    Tranquility will receive a few minor adjustments from feedback from the last time it was played, but nothing major. Installation 05 will have some adjusted power weapons on the map and maybe some revised objectives, but again nothing major will be changed. Changes will be made tomorrow.

    The Battle will be on Saturday, August 13th, 2016, at 6:00 PM EST. Be there!
    (Skirmish begins at 5:30 PM EST! Show up a few minutes early and participate in that as well!)
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