• FC:Res2.06 Attack Plans (10/01/16)

    Skirmish : Redlight Greenlight
    BLUE Attacks Mercy (4v4 Sym)
    REDD Attacks Tyrant (4v4 Sym)

    Redlight Greenlight

    • Skirmish begins at 5:30 PM EST.
    • 6v6 Symmetric map.
    • "Redlight Greenlight Ball" gametype
    • "Redlight Greenlight" map variant.
    • Video. Map. Gametype.
    • Reward: 1 Sabotage piece

    • Begin at 6:00 PM EST
    • 4v4 Symmetric map
    • REDD has gametype choice
    • Best of 7 games
    • "Res2" Gametypes
    • Default "Mercy" map variant

    • Begins about 7:30 PM EST
    • 4v4 Symmetric map
    • BLUE has gametype choice
    • Best of 7 games
    • "Res2" Gametypes
    • Default "Tyrant" map variant

    It's been awhile since the last Attack Plans, but things seem to be getting back on track finally, so the war shall continue. We did make a few map replacements on the warmap. Tempest Station has been replaced by Mercy. Troubled Water has been replaced by Scorch Palace. Estuary has been replaced by Pinnace. Scorch Palace and Pinnace can be downloaded from my bookmarks if you want to take a look.

    No Auxiliary Battles this week, so it's just Tyrant and Mercy, both of which are 4v4 maps by 343. The Skirmish is a neat twist on Grifball to help keep things interesting. Be sure to follow proper traffic safety guidelines!

    The Battle will be on Saturday, October 1st, 2016, at 6:00 PM EST. Be there!
    (Skirmish begins at 5:30 PM EST! Show up a few minutes early and participate in that as well!)
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