• Res3 Peacetime Update #1

    Res3 Peacetime Update #1

    The one about Recruiting

    Hello fellow members! It's been a while since our last update but HERE IT IS! Alright for starting off ladies and gents we are prepping for our next war! If everything remains on track and the recruits keep coming in then we will likely have the wars returned just in time for summer! If you want to speed up the process then REMEMBER you can always have a go at recruiting as well.

    More upcoming information that will be included in a future update once we are closer to the wars.

    Moral of the story
    Recruiting is in session, We bring in these people we may have a war on our hands!
    Anyway keep it up everyone and lets bring about a new Golden Age!
    (There's more lore to write,things to do and more stories to be made.)

    About The Emails. (They don't always work)
    That being said,once your account has been created and IF your email has not sent through message (Mythonian or Metkill5685) and they can verify you so you can post in the enlistment office and join an army.
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