• Res 3 Peacetime Update #2

    Res 3 Peace Time Update #2
    If You Want War, We'll Give You War

    The Show Must Go On
    Hello all! This is Devious Plasma, the up and coming BLUE Field Marshall. Believe it or not, we’ve been actually getting stuff done in this whole FC thing. First things first, we have a Mock Battlenight coming up! That’s right, one of them mythical nights that haven’t existed for a while is finally coming, and is being held APRIL 14th! Said Mock Battlenight is being held to help get back in the groove of things. Now, for other news flavored news.

    Firstly, we have a War Council ready for the new war. For the REDD Army, we’ve have Deathridere55 as Field Marshal, with Soulless Cat 00 as his General. Both great guys and very dedicated. As for the BLUE Army we have myself as the BLUE FM with Lilith as General. So congrats to all of those extremely lovely people.

    We do need to give a thank you to Mays Demise. For those of you who haven’t been with the times, Mays was the upcoming BLUE FM before myself, and his work definitely helped jumpstart FC’s heart. Without him and his accomplishments, we without a doubt would not be where we are now. He wasn’t alone in doing so, but he definitely deserves a lot of respect and thanks for the brilliant work he’s done.
    Yet more, we do need people to step up and take a rank. With battlenights comes squads, and with squads comes leaders. Think you have what it takes? Let us know and we’ll have a talk!

    Communication is Key
    With all this talk of coming back, one has to wonder, where are we gonna keep track? Simple, on the website this is most likely already posted on on. And, as a plus, Metkil might add a few layers of shine if we actually use it more. So, well, use it more!
    Now, because of the recent inactivity, we’ve been using Discord to keep in touch until getting into the full swing of things. Website
    comes first, but pop into the discord if you want a more mobile way of chatting. Here’s a link:

    We do need input from you. If you’ve got any suggestions to help us get back, any people you know might want to rejoin, heck, even if you can get donations, it would all be greatly appreciated.

    Lastly, if you need to contact anyone, most of the previous wars War Council is still active and are also in the aforementioned Discord Server. Feel free to talk to any of them.

    I think I can speak for everyone when I say that we all thank you for your return, and for helping bring back the former glory that this community once had. Now let’s get back into the fight!

    -Devious Plasma, BLUE Field Marshal
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