• FC Update - Spring '19 Update #1

    Spring '19 Update #1

    Reaching out for a new future

    Halo: Master Chief Collection on PC!

    In case you live under a rock, did you know that Halo: MCC is coming out on PC?

    That's right, the Halo series is coming in full force to PC, well in a manner of speaking. There are plenty of resources that have all the announcement information, but here is the quick and dirty for you if you are uninformed.

    • Reach, both campaign and multiplayer, are being added to MCC.
    • Upon PC release, only Reach will available with other titles being slowly added
    • Xbox One Players will get multiplayer for free, with a paid DLC for campaign
    • At this time no crossplay between PC and Xbox One players, but is not out of the question
    • No release date at this time, but "sooner then we think"

    That's great and all, but what does it mean here?

    FC Coming to a PC near you

    That's right, with the news of MCC on PC we want to capitalize on it and see about getting things up and running again. Last night, the current War Council met for about 2 hours and started working out the outline of what we would like to accomplish to make this happen. Here are some of the things we've drummed up so far.

    • Only Reach will be played on MCC upon its release.
    • Primary focus will be on PC platform, however if there are enough players on the X1 side of things we can run both platforms.
    • Come back with a more casual approach and not so hardcore on how we do things.
    • Expect things to be small to start.
    • RoE to be completely reworked, focusing on the more classic Halo 2/3 style of warmap. No auxiliary battles.
    • Accords rework.
      • Let's be honest with ourselves, the accords are insanely long and don't have to be so crazy. We'll keep you updated on what's coming.

    • Recruitment and Boot Camp rework.
      • Primarily here is rethinking how we bring people into the community, maybe not doing full fledged boot camps like in days past. Instead doing 10-15 minute orientations.

    • All FC business to be conducted on Discord. (https://discord.gg/BhVQrhd if you haven't joined yet). Website will be used for long form posts (like this post) and Google Drive used for reference material such as Statbooks. Being on the FC Discord Server is now required, similar to how website membership was required in the past.

    The biggest thing I want to say that we're doing is that we want to be in constant communication as we work this all out. The War Council as already planned out our next meeting and what we are doing in the meantime. It all depends on the timing of MCC Reach release, but we would ideally have an update every 2-3 weeks. Next time around, we want to have a fully fleshed out roadmap so you can know what our intentions are and when we want to do them. Here's what you should expect the next time you hear from us:

    • Accords Rework
    • Army Structure

    Let's Be Social and Talk About It

    Of course all this is a moot point if we don't involve the community or try to bring people back to the community. Full disclosure, we are currently targeting members of FC that have faded away from here due to our inactivity. We will be focusing on full recruitment of new people as we get closer to release.

    However, until then we would like to hear your opinion and would love to see you join us in our Discord server to talk about the future or just hang out. We will also be hitting our social media channels and sparking some life into them. Some links to get you all by:

    Forerunner Conflict Discord: https://discord.gg/BhVQrhd
    Forerunner Conflict Facebook (currently run by Zeta Crossfire): https://www.facebook.com/Forerunner-...64967263586079
    Forerunner Conflict Twitter (currently run by Metkil): https://twitter.com/fc_wars

    And for suggestions and comments about this all we have two channels for you to do so. If you don't mind posting publicly, feel free to use the #suggestions channel in Discord. If you want some privacy here is a google form for you to privately submit your ideas. https://forms.gle/kX9y8oYAeovPeyCw6

    We're all very excited with the War Council to be working on this again. We'll have more updates for you as we move forward. See you here again within the next couple weeks!

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