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  1. Some people have been having problems lately with that...

    I can create him a profile. I'll PM you the username/password for it.
  2. Hey Anarchy. Can you help a friend of mine, Legend. He wants to register on the website but it keeps telling him he is a spammer or bot.
    I believe you submitted a message via "Contact Us" because he couldn't register. His name is Legend.
    No combination of emails, browsers, or anything is working. It's weird. Maybe you can have an admin create him a profile? I can give you all pertinent information if you could.
  3. I just saw it lol. My bad. He texted me he couldn't and then the bugger does!
  4. He already posted an enlistment xD
  5. Again, I thank you and express my gratitude by ensuring you that I will definitely be lighting some fires. I'm an arsonist at heart ;-)
    One last request, can you make sure that xbcxredemption receives an email from the website to verify his registration. He signed up yesterday and still cannot post in the enlistment forum. We both came here together, in cahoots with JamCliche.
  6. We're welcome to have you! I hope you enjoy the place as much as myself and jam have, and if you have any questions at all feel free to ask. I can generally help you with anything, being BLUE's Field Marshal. Although I do ask that during battle nights on Sundays you contact your squad leaders or company leaders for help, as I'm swamped with business then. (It's just a problem we had recently, no worries).

    As far as D.I.s go, we have one running a bootcamp almost every day of the week. You can see the listings here:

    Greycochea is indeed on a leave of absence right now for personal reasons, but we have plenty of other D.I.s such as xXCptNick94Xx, Rokkman X, L0L Itz James, Death758, and Silent Arbiter1. All high command members are authorized to give bootcamps as well if for some reason all of those people don't work out.

    All of those people are on my friends list on XBL if you want to add them, and their names are the same here on the forums if you wish to hunt them down. Don't be afraid to light a fire under their belts.
  7. Will do, and thank you! I am thrilled to be here.
    Can you point me towards a D.I. that would be most readily accessible to me?
    I am not familiar just yet with any names. Jam isn't sure if his D.I. (Graycochea) is around much anymore.
  8. You're in! No worries.

    Just get in touch with a D.I. for a bootcamp. You can ask Jam for more help if you need it. All the processed posts are the same, so you can look at any of them for instructions.
  9. Greetings! Quick question for you. I enlisted. I find it difficult to tell if your processed posts refer only to the immediate previous enlistment post, or multiple previous ones. Am I in? If so, what next?
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