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  1. Nope.

    Oh crap, totally forgot about my job as an online recruiter. I'M OUT! *Jumps out of window, runs to Skype for leads*
  2. Did you try the fruitcake?

    Also how are you a Staff Sergeant?
  3. Merry Smissmas. Happy Festivus. Other end of the year holiday sayings!
  4. Eh close enough :P
  5. You're a saint. Welcome back to REDWATCH, old friend.
  6. the wars over? maybe I should go outside just a little more. ... nah. but I'll transfer!
  7. By pretty soon, you mean now? :3 You should peacetime transfer before the War starts though at least.
  8. well, school year ends may 30th, so, by then I'll have nothing to do. 'cept maybe warframe but you can only be a space ninja for so many hours a day. yeah I guess I can come back pretty soon.
  9. Basically all the old REDWATCH guys are coming back together so you should come too. So yeah. Rejoin and stuff please. Please. :3
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