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  1. Glad to hear it! Would be nice to see some old faces returning again.
  2. Maybe. I just switched positions at my job and I should have more Sunday evenings off. And plus it'd be cool to get back in it for Halo 5.
  3. Are you coming back?
  4. I know man, it's been too long. I miss you guys!
  5. Well there is a name I haven't seen in awhile. Thanks Furrious, I appreciate it!
  6. Donkey!!! Happy Birthday man!
  7. Okay sounds good. I will start looking at it tomorrow and I will finish the roster tomorrow. I've been really busy with school lately but tomorrow is my last day so I'll get all that done tomorrow hopefully.
  8. Just finished editing the LARP Map, updated it to my fileshare. Feel free to take a look, added a few more areas. Added a simple radio tower with controls to REDD side, along with a few more asthetical things, and two things to BLUE - A "Check point" on one side with a turret facing the cave entrance and a small "Fire Base" themed landing pad to the other side of the island, which is suppose to look like an area to store goods. Also, if you guys need to do live practice against eachother, I added in spawns for purple team you can use.
  9. Well right now, I have it that once a player dies, they have to wait ~ five minutes before re-entering combat. I think that should fix the problem, and make it feel more realistic, like a standoff, and then the smaller force would have to wait for reinforcements. Also, if an invading force is successful, they must hold out the "area" for 5 minutes before being able to attack the next "area." To prevent an aggravated attack and attack. I would love to add in a jail for each Faction, but I do not think we have the overall funds for the Map, for something so small. =/ I plan on simplifying some of the things, like removing one of the REDD tents and reducing the BLUE training course.
  10. Yeah I agree. I want to avoid the problem where once conflict does arise, then it just becomes a conflict match. I think that if someones dies then they must either go their CO or at least may not go back into that same conflict. Also I like the idea of POWs. I think that we should make like a jail and an interrogation room for each side. I also think that if a group is outnumbered by like 2:1 in a conflict then they must surrender and then the other group can decide whether to take then as a prisoner or to let them go. Idk something like that. This all sounds like its going to make a really cool experience.
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