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  1. Thanks anarchy
  2. Hm. I cannot make an announcement now. I am busy all day, and really it wouldn't be effective.

    However I will definitely get something about it in the next military update for sure.
  3. Hello sir. As field Marshall when you post I think all of the blue some of the redd look at it. It's like how middle aged white women flock to Oprah. Do you mind making an announcement about my grifball league. If you do it starts tonight at 7. Thanks.
  4. Thinking about it. Once that war ends, I'll have been FM for a year, which is longer than most.

    We'll see.
  5. True. I heard your stepping down after the second h4 War. What's up with that?
  6. All the more reason to want to kick their ass.
  7. Yea that shouldn't be too hard if only 10 of them show up again. But they do have Blastoised now
  8. Not a problem, don't worry about it. We'll kick ass in your honor.
  9. Hey anarchy just wanted to tell you directly I can't attend battle night tonight due to work(445-9) I already told James and purple.
  10. Alright thanks
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