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  1. Lol caeleb learned early too. He started playing skylanders a few months ago
  2. The controller is doing awesome! Izzy already knows how to hold it. Lol
  3. How is the controller holding up?
  4. Hey robby...wanna come back to redd and join my fireteam in REDWATCH lol
  5. ROBBY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. O_o why do you have connors screen name on here?
  7. Would you kindly make me a moderator of November company. Im commanding Major and cant do what is needed of my job. I wish when someone promoted me, that they would forward paper work and have what is needed done. -_-'
  8. add my aim, its my gt
  9. i got 1 :/
  10. Dude are you not getting my text messages? I've sent like 3 now?
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