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  1. Okay. I'll be sure to do that tomorrow. Too tired now lol.
  2. No doubt. I don't think I have you on my friends list anymore though. Hit me up next time you're on.
  3. That's good, dude! We should definitely catch up and play some match making.
  4. I wouldn't say happier, but I definitely like being on REDD. It's way better than I thought it would be. I always thought that the REDD were a bunch of try-hard assholes, but this is not the case. Switching to REDD has really shifted my point of view and broken all the preconceptions I had of the REDD.

    I've made new friends in Fireteam Victor and am training in the METEOR Program.

    I'm also excited that I'll be fighting my BLUE compatriots in the upcoming War.
  5. We're all just fantastic! We're in Fireteam Inferno where I lead and Pox co-leads.. lol. Boneill has been kinda busy with college stuff lately though. But we're getting really strong recruits. I'm a lot happier with REDD and I hope you are too.
  6. Oh my gosh! Unicorn! I didn't you know you were still with FC. I thought you quit after going REDD. Wow. What's up man?

    I'm doing fine. I went REDD as you can probably tell. Gonna harass some BLUEs in this next War. They got me posted with Fireteam Victor in REDWATCH; under Ichyban and MDMYAY.

    It's a good posting. I'm with a great bunch of guys. I'm really enjoying REDD.

    How've you been? Poxr? Boneill?
  7. Gray! I haven't talked to you in like 10 years. How you been?
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