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  1. What would you like to see happen?

    What do you want to see done?

    Keep me posted.

    Thanks, bud.
  2. Happy 18th Birthday!

    I'll get you a cake with Emile's helmet on it...

    Have fun, bud.

    P.S. Let me know if you need anything.
  3. I know you're a vet, bud.

    Trust me, I'm the one guy that you don't have to worry about; goin' on a power trip...

    Welcome home!
  4. you knew i'd join REDD because i said so before... you know i actually probably have more power in REDD than you do right? i've been here before and i can aim to eb demoted by loco one more time and then my master plan will be complete Bwahahahaha
  5. Your rank and status have been updated.

    You're designated as a Chief Warrant Officer
    within the R.E.D.D. faction.


    P.S. I got you covered, bud.

    P.S.S. I knew you'd enlist with the R.E.D.D....
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