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  1. Reaper you still alive bro? havent seen you in a long time. just wanted to check and make sure you didn't die, because dammit i want to be the one that shoots you. xD
  2. Hellwolf, you should join my Ultimate Gamer Contest.
  3. Hellwolf, it will make me sad when i shoot you, and i apologize for leaving. apology over (shoots you)
  4. not calling you a traitor bro but i guess now the line has been drawn and i must kill you on the battlefield...... like i said in the party if things were that bad you could transfer to my platoon. but if you decide to come back options open but leave your blue colors behind. ( dont take this as a bad thing im just adding to the tension) but ps. try to keep outa my way next war dont want to have to put a bullet in ya.
  5. hey hellwolf i need redds for my Halo 3 more since the amount of blues is ridiculous. any of your archangel boys wanna join this?
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