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  1. You gunna die son!!!
  2. So, I hear you've been making death threats. I've set up my defense alligators. Ball's in your court, punk.
  3. Bacon get a skype!
  4. v He will do it! v
  5. I bet the humidity kills you first.
  6. You better be back on Xbox for Halo 4, or I am coming to your fake Canadian house and beating you with ChillSquishster's disembarked head...
  7. My Xbox time has obviously been shot down a bit. I've still been stalking on the website, just keeping tabs on everything. I haven't died yet.
  8. Bacon it has been another month, I am starving here...
  9. Well screw Chill and say he owes me 5 dollars. And I've been stalking around the website, keeping up with everything. I'll try and get on sometime soon.
  10. Where have you been? We haven't talked in ages!

    PS: Chill says your a hooker...
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