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  1. Increased to 700.
  2. Can I get a increase so the character limit on my sig plz?
  3. This weekend or early next week. Although the "reward" wouldn't be distributed until the new vCash system is implemented. xD
  4. oh mr. war director when are we getting our reward from the War bonds?
  5. Credit donation processed.

    The Forgery Ribbon is for maps used in a war, as in on the Warmap. Sorry, but unfortunately meeting maps aren't counted in that.
  6. Can you take all my credits can put them to Red plz also I had a forge medel for co forgeing the map for BLUE's meeting room two wars ago and for some reason it was removed can I have to back plz
  7. Thanks!
  8. Ribbon given.
  9. yo myth can I get my 1 year badge? please and thank you
  10. Edit: Nvm I got to wait 16 more days
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