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  1. sounds good make shure its like Recon team, Kilo 6 (with a comma) gl with the 3 guys add Slasher 2012 on my friends list I put him with you can get a little outa hand at times but I need you to smarten him up goes with the challange of you being a leader if you have a problem with him at all send him to johnkilla and he will deal with him have a good one!
  2. Hey go to my wall and tell me what you think about the name
  3. ok sounds cool and its mlg based games soi the map spire is down sized and we have swon that map already
  4. I got bored and i made a group for the FC. its called: FC Blue Air Force
    just put that in the search engine its the first to come up i recomend sending anybody who trains primarly with Falcons and banshees, tell myth about it to
  5. Well we will be engageing the reds at spire wont we?
  6. im not shure but id think theres any falcons or banshees in this war so far once i find out there is though you can make it
  7. Ok, btw if you wouldnt mind we should make a piolt corse atleast some people really dont kno how to fly well
  8. ok well we dont need a training course because we will train useing the maps we will be fighting on for that week and illl add in a bar and fix a few things i wanted to fix with it
  9. Cant at school right now but when i get home in about 3 1/2 hours
  10. no its ok the way it is its just for looks I will but thoes things in in like 10 minutes when i get on halo if u gunna be on in that time you can join
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