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  1. Thanks Mr. Novak! I appreciate that!!!
  2. Hey you....stay awesome.
  3. Hello Brandon, what's goin on?
  4. Mr Novak!
  5. Sounds good bro, keep it up bro I like it
  6. It's a little of both, but yeah mainly it's a creative writing forum.
  7. Hey bro, I was wondering if this is a Role Play thread or Creative writing? I wanna know if I should jump in or just keep reading for fun Lemme know
  8. Technically it hasn't been deleted, it has all been archived. But don't expect to have access to it once we get the REDD forums again. If it's not there perhaps if you asked Ghosthammer nicely he could restore it.
  9. I see, well I hope they don't delete EVERYTHING on the REDD forums it took me 3 hours to type that story about Tritan!!!
  10. It's under Records in the REDD forums
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