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  1. I would love to come back, but i have neither live nor the newest halo
  2. Tis alright. REDD got our asses kicked last war. Yehsus and I be REDD now, and I'm going to be FM in a few days. COME BAAAACK.
  3. Ohhh heerrrrroo. hows the wars and such?
  4. Herro der
  5. Halo 4 is really cheap on amazon. Join my squad, we need some additions xD.
  6. Idk yet, dont have live nor halo 4, depends on if i continue to be bored this summer
  7. YOU BACK!?
  8. Sundays are short mate xD
  9. you know, my roommatte does have the game, but thing is his box is in his room and i dont wanna take it up for hours
  10. Come baaaaack. Show up this Sundaaaaaaay.
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