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  1. I did, in fact, post it in the War Council. We had a discussion on this a while ago, when Anarchy was FM. No one opposed it, but just advised that we hold off. My officers want it done, it hurts no one, and it's easily gone if it does bother people. If you don't like it, feel free to minimize it and it'll be gone from your homepage. You're one of, say, four other non-Blue people who can see it. I'm sure Blue Army doesn't have a big issue with it anyway, and the officers will find it much more efficient.
  2. I don't like it. and I think you should of told the War Council about this before making this decision..

    I love how people just do things that has an impact on the web-site without telling anyone about it first besides one person.

    YOU KNOW WHAT!!! DO WHATEVER!!!! This is hopeless...
  3. Fixing it all up now. Several Blue officers would prefer their forums to be more visible on the homepage, and it's very useful to figure out where each new topic comes from. If it's an eye sore to you, I'd suggest you minimize the tab on the B.L.U.E. category tab. Already worked it out with Mythonian.
  4. On the front page... -_-
  5. Time to stop breaking the Forums...idk what you did or someone else did, but it looks a mess with BLUE Admin showing!
  6. I agree man. It was a lot of fun.
  7. We should do another one of those.
  8. I'm going to laugh all over again...
  9. Should be up tonight or tomorrow morning. Depends on the upload speed.
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