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  1. Happy birthday bich
  2. Hey guy
  3. Once a Janitor, always a Janitor

  4. so should we switch signatures with one another? lmao
  5. #CleanUpCrew
  6. Your Signature is very sexy good sir. THE CLEAN UP CREW LIVES ON!

  7. Tomorrow I'm gonna write the Introduction onto how we became the Janitor Gods of Halo. It'll be fucking epic, I'll PM it to you and you can modify it as you please, then I'll post it.
  8. Gotcha, now you need to be REDD FM, and I'll be BLUE FM and we can be the rulers and just be GODS
  9. Sure. Let's be sure to have mass be at 6 PM EST always on Sunday. ALL SUNDAYS 24/7/365!
  10. Do you want to make our own religion? The Clean Up Crew religion? We're both the Janitor gods?
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