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  1. Baby come back!
  2. yeaaaaaahhhhhh
  3. Quick, hop on!
  4. Hope to see you there tomorrow ; D
  5. ...Also, we have a practice Friday night at 9PM EST if you get it in time and have the time, though I don't expect you to turn around and be on that soon.
  6. Woo! Good to have you. Hope you can make Sunday, but if you can't, no worries.
  7. Good news! I'll have an Xbox at my dorm. My presence will be iffy for this Sunday though, as I move in on Friday and I'm sure that I'll be busy meeting people and getting oriented.
  8. We shall kick ass tomorrow in your absence. Clearshot should be running a stream of our squad, feel free to watch xD.
  9. Definitely not. I won't be at my dorm until the 23rd
  10. So no chance this Sunday?
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