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  1. Let's hope u suck I'll 1v1 the next ill be only if I every am senson had to be mean and tell my brother the things I do
  2. Haha, I'm pretty good when I'm on my game, but I hadn't played Halo for like 3 weeks before yesterday. It took like 4 games before I was doing decent, so I'll be sure not to play earlier in the day before we 1v1 to keep things interesting.
  3. Yay but I might lose u seem like a boss
  4. I don't really do 1v1s. Haven't done one since like late 2011. xD

    But that's mainly because no one asks. Just don't be surprised if you win, and sure.
  5. Myth :3 u seem like u would be scary but ur cool and one day I wanna 1v1 u on halo4
  6. No it was about somthing else but u think ill stay on this hehe
  7. :3 thanks I think lol and I'm still alittle scared I don't no any one just my stupid brother on here :p
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