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  1. If you get a free minute, I'd like to talk to you on Skype about making changes to what is going on with incoming transfers.
  2. Hey Major, at your convenience can you shoot me a rundown of all the soldiers being added into REDWATCH, along with their ranks/jobs that they're being assigned? Thanks.
  3. Troubling times in the kingdom.
  4. Hey Coda, can you PM me whats up? I can't PM you right now cause my box is full, but apparently I can still receive them. I obviously can't make the meeting.
  5. Yes, I'll be at practice. I'll remember. I have longshot added, and I'll add aspect right now with
  6. You gonna be at Practice tonight? If so, remember to invite our two newest Recruits.
  7. Yeah, I can follow all of that However, I will be unable to attend Thursday practice most of the time. I have already talked to Puba about this.
    I will add the other REDWATCH members on xbox live shortly.
  8. Read through the REDWATCH Headquarters thread in our Platoon forums under the REDD Forums and if you can agree to follow all that and make it to practice when you can, I would love to have you.
  9. Ok, no problem. I like REDWATCH. I'd like to stick with it. However, the final decision is not mine to make. A private doesn't have the power to make final decisions on platoon members :P
  10. I plan on it however I've been without a router and I can't do it mobile on my phone, it would take forever. I also need to meet with all you transfers and see if you plan on sticking with REDWATCH or would rather a transfer.
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