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  1. Lol yeah getting started is the hardest part for me, but it will get a lot easier. I sent messages to everyone you mentioned and asked them about practices so hopefully I will get some replies soon and we can get started practicing together. If there is anything specific you want me to do don't hesitate to let me know.

    Thanks -Rusty
  2. Dont worry about it, ive been in the same place, took me forever to find the guy. lol
  3. Ok thank you, sorry for the inconvenience.
  4. Do you know if Monkey Frenzy changed his forum name or anything because I searched for him in the members list and could not seem to find him...
  5. I looked for that position guide you mentioned and I can't seem to find it. If you have time could you send me a link to it? Thanks -Rusty
  6. Hey, not to be impatient or anything but I sent a message earlier and was just checking to make sure you got it because my computer tweaks sometimes and it may not have sent it. Sorry to bother you if it did go through, just would rather be safe then sorry.
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