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  1. Thank you Sir. I appreciate the opportunity.
  2. Welcome back, Captain. First round of drinks are on me.
  3. REDWATCH is a go. Ensure you familiarize yourself with Project: Threshold; we will begin work ASAP.
  4. Alright well I can't get on Reach during the week because I'm at College but I can get on this weekend.
  5. Light Red (pink) is better than I already PMed General Gargs about Bootcamp... So I can get my armor back... Going to Gamestop tomorrow after work to pick up Reach sir.
  6. As you were, Navarro. I'll brief you whenever you're available if you want.
  7. Major General, as soon. As the Field Marshall reinstates me, I am down for whatever you need Sir.
  8. Well I have a job for you should you choose to accept it.
  9. It's under consideration...
  10. No but seriously you should get Halo again =(
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