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  1. I thanked you extremely for what I did I told you I was going to be inactive This sunday was my last battle Im not completely transfering Im going to be working with ghost in the army basicly floating Im a reserve force I loved how much you hellped me and Im sorry but you have been misscommunactied Nav You are one of the reasons I whent edd in the first place I love Kilo but I want to help redd as a whole.
  2. Boltz,

    I assumed you were a person of more conviction. I was wrong. I stuck MY neck out for you to get back into the REDD and you repay ME with weeks of inactivity followed by ONE GameNight AND then a request to transfer to November. Next time you PLEAD on the forums about nobody liking you, remember no one likes a FLAKE and what you just did what FLAKE OUT!

  3. Nav theres was sum misscommunaction...... I was not starting a thread! I was stating a suggestion! Ghost no belives that Im trying to fuck up his army x.x!!! I was just stating an idea.
  4. Boltz,

    As per the thread you started I need to make a correction for you... YOU don't have to tell 4 people about taking leave.... YOU just have to tell your SQUAD XO or SQUAD CO, in fact you could even tell whoever is designated as your Team Leader. If it doesn't get communicated up the Chain of Command than it isn't your fault. This is how the Chain of Command works... Issues should be resolved at the lowest level, if it can't be taken care of there it will be taken up to the next Leader. The reason for tis is so that Higher Leaders are not "bogged down" by having to take care of things that could be resolved without them. Now, if you want to make it known to everyone in the community that you are leaving for a bit just go ahead and post a BLOG about it.

    Just to be clear I'm not scolding you on this, I wrote you this to make sure you don't get in trouble for starting threads when it wasn't necesarry Brother. Have fun at camp, and good luck with the moving kiddo.
  5. *pats back all friendly like*
    Thanks bud!
  6. Welcome back to the REDD... Don't forget who has your back Brother
  7. Done. I also reenlisted in R.E.D.D
  8. Clean up some space in you inbox... I need to PM you!
  9. I don't understand your post to Myth about everyone hating you. You know very well we have a spot for you in Kilo Company. You decided you wanted to hang out with November Company... Now if your'e interested in coming back to Kilo, PM me so we could talk about it!
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