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  1. Yeah, we played very well together. I'm sad I won't be able to play with Legacy as a War Director, if they vote me in. If they don't, expect me to hang out with you guys more.
  2. Hey dude sorry I have been pretty hard on this army as a whole. I really care for it and only want the best for it and I respect you a whole bunch resigning because you felt you couldn't balance FC with your real life priorities enough. Also I want to say you are an amazing fucking teammate man. You know what to do to give your team an edge for winning. It was more than a pleasure to play with you!
  3. Take any vCash from me you need to purchase things this war,but just let me know how much you take
  4. So you think you can walk back to BLUE that easily huh? I'm on to you REDleader. Don't try anything slick buddy.
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