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  1. I need you to clear up some room in your inbox brother...
  2. Yessir... I copied it already, I'm texting the LT now to see when he could get it done.

    Thanks Brother
  3. Did you see that yet?

    2x Magnification maybe?

    That's our flag.

    Thank you, brother.
  4. Kilo Company SitRep

    Choose one wisely.

    Delete the others...

    Thanks, brother.
  5. Include this in the same(edit) announcement:

    Chief Warrant Officer UNLUCKY NUM13ER
    Firesnakes Commanding Officer

    Thanks, brother.
  6. Thanks for the support SIR! Real recognizes Real!
  7. It seems my post in the Officer's Lounge was a lil' "too real"
  8. I found your suggestion to be a good thing.

    They be hatin' us for our ideas. =(

    Thanks, brother.
  9. You have to see this.

    Warning: May cause extreme fits of uncontrollable laughter.

    Thanks, brother.
  10. Check out RaZ's FC Forum Giveaway Contest.

    I think you're entitled to some swag...

    Thanks, brother.
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