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  1. Since Raz wants us to ensure we are aware and approve of transfers before they are processed:

    If a REDD member wants to go BLUE, I will tell you that I approve and you can process it.
    If a BLUE member wants to go REDD, tell me if you approve and I will process it.

    Sound good?
  2. Sure, that should work.
  3. Who will process peacetime transfers? Do you want to handle all people going REDD and me handle all those going BLUE? That seems logical enough.
  4. Done.
  5. I donated 30000 vCash. I already removed them from my balance, mind changing it in the statbook?
  6. "Anarchyz11"
  7. Ummm... Skype or something? xD
  8. Meh, there is no save button. The text box thing works, sort of, but it won't actually make the changes when submitted.
  9. Scroll all the way to the bottom and there's a Save button.

    Otherwise you can go to any text field and press Enter. As long as you don't make accidental changes, it won't mess anything up.
  10. Is there like a phuckin' "Confirm" or "Submit" button when editing someone's profile/usergroup.
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