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  1. I have to get off at 9. tomorrows really the last day i'm free this week, so be on plz. I'm counting it as a forfeit if you're not.
  2. sorry, my car broke down at my college so I got stuck there for a couple extra hours. if your on later we can try again
  3. i'm on
  4. kk
  5. sorry about that, I was working. tomorrow at 7?
  6. not today, it's already too late for me. Should we actually set a time for tomorrow? i was on earlier but you weren't on.
  7. want to continue
  8. nope. any map u want. if you do any of the space maps then try to keep a spetacular view of the outside instead of outside parking lot
  9. for the event, does it have to be in forge world?
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