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  1. Tom Hanks is my hero.
  2. Why dont you go to blazyes profile to see the doge pictures posted by me?
  3. Is it bad that I only go on your profile to see your Doge pictures posted by bl4yze.
  4. Good to hear!
  5. Oh yeah I also passed Zeta as a DI yesterday. He's sat in on like 10 bootcamps and he did a fine Bootcamp yesterday (I let him run it to test him).
  6. Yep now that I finally can't participate in the battles, it's a great time to be in HighComm
  7. Congrats, they finally put you in High Com!
  8. Hey what are the ranks in the LiveAction RP?
  9. Sorry. Meant to post a goodbye topic. But you have to admit, someone has to even the Armies out, and I know that no one from BLUE is going to do it.
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