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  1. If you were in REDD right now, you'd get to see all the fancy new things happening.

    Such a shame.
  2. You should enlist in REDD, even if you can't play. If you plan to be a member of this army, there's ten times more to it than just playing halo 4.
  3. They have earlier training sessions
  4. How so? x.x
  5. Going BLUE means I can train 3/4 times a week.
  6. Well, going BLUE wont make you any better.
  7. I know, but I feel like I'd need to train because sometimes I go into matches and barely know he map. I.e. Going triple negative against VDBD on meltdown
  8. You don't have to be good, you're great for us. But if an NCO rank is that important to you, feel free to do what makes you happy. Christmas is a long way away.
  9. Yeah, I'm giving it some serious thought due to me not being able to train. I feel I don't perform as well as I could.

    Another thing is -I don't know if you know but- I'm going to have to go into temporary retirement as when I get the Xbox One, Whether it's Nov 22 or Xmas I will no longer have my Xbox 360. I'll need to wait until H5 until rejoining. That could be a year... I'll still be forum active but I want to make the most of the time I have left


    I feel that I'd need to train a lot more, and if I did I could establish myself as one of the better known players. I.e. Guzzie, Coagulation/Allvre etc... I feel I could if I had a bit more dedication and training time. I'd love that to happen for me in Sparta but I've also been told Gunnery Sergeant in BLUE is virtually mine by a few people. Like I said earlier in the week, I'm always striving for responsibility and some for of status.

    Hope all of this can be resolved somehow.

    Love you

  10. Heard some rumors of you going BLUE. If you decide to, no hard feelings, but you're central to Sparta right now, we love having you.
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